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Short Stories!

Fun Short Stories Below!!

*Update for Writing Contest*

Hey, y’all! Just want to let you know that the final date for the ending of the writing contest is the 10th of December. Sorry for changing it so much. I just thought that with the Christmas season y’all would be busy. So it would take…

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Part 1- Escape From North Korea!

Ari’s breath came in short gasps. We’re almost there. She thought. Ari grabbed her little brother’s hand and said, ” Min Joon, we must go now!” Ari and Min Joon were fleeing from their captors, they were trying to escape from North Korea. They were almost…

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Writing Contests!!

Hay y’all! I’m sorry I have not posted in a while, but I have been mega busy! I am going to be doing a writing contest it goes from Sat, Nov 26 to Dec 10! I will say the winner late Dec 10 or Dec 11!…

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